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Yo-Yo Effect Of Dieting And Its Impacts

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In the past few decades, we have seen a rapid boom in the health and fitness sectors — especially regarding nutrition. 

While nutrition is important for a healthy lifestyle, it’s common to receive misinformation about nutritional practices. People usually fall into the trap of some fad diet to rapidly lose weight. Most people lose weight initially, but they can’t maintain a lower weight, and eventually, they gain it all back. This cycle of losing weight and gaining it back is the yo-yo effect of dieting, reports France24. 

Weight is controlled in the hypothalamus (in the brain). It tells the need of the body as far as nutrition is considered, Julia Sieger told France24. 

She says there are specific signs for everything that we feel. For example, if we feel hungry, it means that we lack energy and need something to get energized. If we crave something specific, then our body requires some specific nutrient. For instance, if our body craves orange juice, it means that our body needs Vitamin C. 

Similarly, feeling full is a sign that our body has had enough, and we should stop eating. Sieger says that the most difficult condition to achieve is satiety. It is the condition when the body doesn’t need anything. A satiated body releases a hormone called leptin. This hormone prevents people from eating extra or snacking. 

According to many studies, every individual has a different body type and metabolism. Some people have a natural tendency to lose weight, and others have a natural tendency to gain weight. 

Sieger says that every individual’s body works differently, and if something suits an individual, it doesn’t necessarily suit the other person, and vice-versa. And what’s more important than eating right is eating mindfully. 

So, people must look for good nutrition than dieting. Yo-yo effects of dieting can cause serious and long-term impacts like muscle loss and fat gain. Thus, the whole idea of dieting becomes invalid. 


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