The Truth About Online ACLS Certification

More and more institutions and hospitals now require their workers to participate in ACLS {advanced cardiac life support} training. Most employers now recognize online training courses as valid for this certification. In response to the growing demand for high-quality, readily-available training, medtigo Connect offers free ACLS certification online. While opting for a free online class for ACLS certification and recertification saves you time and cash, it is important to know what this approach to certification entails.

The following are answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding online ACLS certification; this information will help you understand the benefits of online certification.

Do I need a skills assessment?

No, with ACLS training online, you do not need a skills assessment. Even so, most courses include coursework that is often covered in a skills assessment. The evaluation of the elements covered in this coursework is, however, cognitive for online classes and courses.

What if my employer does not recognize my ACLS training card?

We’re proud to say that 97% of hospitals accept ACLS certification from medtigo Connect, so you can rest assured your certification will almost always be recognized.

Unfortunately, not all websites offer a 100% refund guarantee in the event an employer does not accept their provider cards. Even if you opt for free ACLS certification or recertification online, an employer’s failure to recognize your card means that even though you will have learned from the coursework, some of your time will have been effectively wasted, because you will need to duplicate your efforts in order to satisfy your employer’s requirements. In order avoid this eventuality, be sure to ask your employer, before you sign up for training, whether or not they will accept the specific certification you are pursuing.

What will happen if I fail my ACLS exam?

Most sites allow students to retake their ACLS exams when they fail. In fact, some will offer an unlimited number of test retakes. However, carefully check the website’s terms for fees and/or for waiting periods that may apply before you are eligible to re-take the exam.

Will I get an AHA provider card after training?

No, you will not get an AHA card after you pass your free online ACLS course. The sole provider of the AHA ACLS certification cards is the American Heart Association. As of now, that organization does not endorse any training program in which all coursework is handled online.

FREE Online ACLS Certification

We hope that the above answers have boosted your knowledge regarding what to expect from a free ACLS training online. As you select a provider for your training, consider medtigo Connect as an outstanding option. Our platform also offers BLS and POCUS training and our coursework has been audited by renowned medical experts. Sign up with us today for FREE online certification courses.

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