Tips for Making Your Online BLS Course Successful

The busy lives and work chaos that define the lifestyles of health care professionals make it challenging to complete CEUs {Continuing Education Units}, which are essential to their work. The advantages of the internet era are now reducing those traditional challenges: online courses are available that are flexible enough to accommodate the busy lifestyles of healthcare workers. These classes can be accessed from all places or devices that offer internet connectivity. Some courses, like the Basic Life Support {BLS} course, are even available free of charge, via platforms like medtigo Connect.

However, not all students immediately adapt to an internet-based learning style and readily thrive in online BLS classes. Below are a few tips to maximize your chances of success when you undertake a free online BLS certification course.

Confirm the technical requirements for your course materials

The first step when undertaking a BLS course online is to check its technical requirements. Sometimes it’s challenging to access the course material on particular devices, especially on older-model computers and on mobile devices that are not upgraded to new operating systems. It is useful to confirm that your device can smoothly access the course material. Furthermore, if you plan to use multiple devices for your coursework, ensure that each of these devices meets technical requirements.

Use multimedia study aids to enhance your efforts

Most platforms that offer free online BLS courses will provide multiple types of media to enhance your study of the curriculum. Try to take advantage of the media that are provided to support your coursework, in order to maximize your chances of understanding and retaining the subject matter. Common study media include quizzes, interactive tutorials, and videos, each designed to meet the learning needs of different students. In addition to the resources provided by the course you have selected, review third-party resources and social media platforms in order to add information on the course content; every good information source will improve your understanding of the life-saving techniques involved in BLS. You can also consider making study aids such as flashcards, charts, and graphics, in order to help you remember what you are learning. Some courses will provide templates for these study aids.

Work on your coursework during low-stress periods

The flexibility that comes with an online BLS course means that you can access your coursework on days of your choosing – and at any moment during a 24-hour day. This flexibility does not mean, however, that you should set aside time for the coursework during high-stress periods in your workplace. Doing so would detrimentally affect your understanding of the content and your ability to memorize what you are learning, due to your studying under adverse conditions. Moreover, scheduled study time during high-stress/high-demand periods at your place of employment will certainly interfere with your work! Ideally, you can study at home (if you can find calm moments) or at another quiet location – a library, a quiet café, or a room at work that is infrequently used. If your employer allows it, you can also consider going through the coursework when your workplace is not busy.

Take online review quizzes and pre-tests

It is essential that you check your knowledge periodically, as you pursue an online BLS course. Consider taking a pre-test or a course review quiz online in order to check your understanding of the course modules, as you study. You can also take these pre-tests and quizzes before your final exam, as a means of review.

If you apply the advice above, you will earn your BLS certification in no time from your online provider. It is important to remember that you will need to renew the certificate, typically after two years. Do not forget to track your certification, which will help you to remember its expiration date for your BLS renewal. Some BLS training platforms offer certification tracking to ensure that your certification remains up-to-date.

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