Top-Paying Healthcare Professional Careers

Healthcare careers often come with lucrative salaries due to the high demand for medical workers. A 2016 study noted that there will be a global demand for 80 million healthcare workers by 2030, but that the supply of such workers is expected to reach only 65 million. This shortfall of 15 million medical workers means that healthcare facilities often use attractive salaries to lure medical workers. Given that competitive pay is an increasingly significant aspect of a healthcare career, it is worth reviewing the current top-paying healthcare careers, as described below.

The top five highest-paying healthcare positions

  1. Surgeon

Surgeons are usually at the top of the compensation list. These healthcare professionals have spent years furthering their education and skills to allow them to perform surgeries. The expected average annual salary for a surgeon is $252,040, and certain specialties — such as neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons — often command even higher compensation.

  1. Primary-Care or Specialist Physician

These doctors monitor patients’ medical histories and diagnose illnesses, injuries, and other conditions. Whereas surgeons act directly to physically correct illnesses, injuries, and deformities, non-surgical physicians’ therapies typically encourage the body to heal itself. Primary-care doctors and other specialists may perform tests to determine the best treatment plan for an individual patient and often prescribe medication. Physicians’ salaries typically depend on specialty and location, but the average annual remuneration for these professionals is around $208,000.

  1. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are considered non-physician medical specialists, but they must complete a doctoral degree, a Doctor of Pharmacy program, and be properly licensed. Top pharmacists can earn an annual salary of more than  $162,000, while the average yearly wage of around $128,000 is typical.

  1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

CRNAs are engaged in one of the top-paying nursing jobs available. They usually work closely with other highly skilled medical professionals to prepare and administer anesthesia to ensure that patients are correctly sedated before and during a procedure. The average annual salary is close to $175,000, while the top 10 percent of CRNAs can earn more than $200,000 each year.

  1. Physician Assistant (PA)

PAs are directly involved with treating patients and can even run their own practices or work independently in some states. PAs usually must earn the equivalent of a Master’s degree and have to meet state licensing requirements. Typical salaries for PAs range between $112,000 and $157,000 per year.

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