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Key strengths leveraged by
medtigo Ventures

For entrepreneurs in and around the medtigo community, medtigo Ventures provides seed funding, a structured business development process, mentoring and administrative support to grow a business. We are always looking for new venture concepts to support, and for dedicated, passionate clinicians and healthcare entrepreneurs who want to work with us towards our shared vision of a healthcare system that serves patients, providers and society.

Excellent clinicians in multiple specialities

Strong hospital relationships across the northeast

Corporate infrastructure (malpractice, HQ, administration)

We dare to dream big

At medtigo Ventures, we imagine a healthcare system that lets patients, providers, and societies realize their full potential, where:

  • Clinicians feel fulfilled doing what they dedicated their career to – caring for patients. They have all the tools they need to do their job, are treated with respect and compensated fairly,
  • Hospitals and health systems combine cutting edge technology and excellent clinicians to help their patients live the best lives they can, and
  • Patients place well deserved trust in care they can access easily and seamlessly

Let's create the future together

To help create this future healthcare system, medtigo Ventures develops and incubates technology-enabled healthcare innovations that leverage the strategic and human resources of medtigo Staffing, a leading provider of strategic healthcare staffing in the Northeast. We focus on:

  • Clinical and administrative solutions that can streamline, improve and transform medtigo’s core clinical areas (Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Intensive Care and Anesthesia)
  • Telemedicine solutions, both institution and direct-to-consumer, which expand access to high-quality care in our core geography (New England and New York)
  • Solutions which help hospitals and health systems better manage operations, and adapt to the new imperatives of population health management

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Current projects being developed

Hospitalist Telemedicine

Virtual Reality for emergency and Inpatient Psychiatric Care


Credentialing Services - Physician and Provider

Contact us
To submit a venture concept, discuss a partnership opportunity or with any other questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our VP of Ventures, Zayed Yasin MD/MBA, at