What Is ACLS Certification?

Various courses and certifications are designed to help improve your work skills. In the healthcare industry, PALS, BLS, and ACLS certification courses are the most popular. While almost everyone in the industry earns their BLS certification in record time, many have skipped — or may not have had the time to attend — in-person ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) certification classes.

Understandably, making time to pursue ACLS certification might be a challenge for those who work in the healthcare sector. medtigo Connect addresses the scheduling challenge with its offer of free online ACLS certification, as well as ACLS recertification, which means that you can study any time, so long as you can access the internet. Online courses allow you to schedule your certification so that classes don’t interfere with your work schedule or necessitate costly travel. But before enrolling, you need all the details regarding ACLS.

The following is important information that will help you understand what ACLS certification entails.

What is an ACLS certification?

ACLS training was first established in 1974, and its algorithms have undergone various changes over time, to reflect updates in research. ACLS certification demonstrates that you have undergone the training approved by the AHA (American Heart Association). This certification demonstrates that you:

  • Understand BLS (basic life support) skills.
  • Can recognize and immediately manage stroke, cardiac arrest, and respiratory complications. 
  • Can lead and support resuscitation teams.
  • Understand the pharmacology required in handling cardiac and respiratory emergencies.
  • Are skilled in airway management.
  • Can use AEDs (automated external defibrillators).

The above skills are taught in ACLS training, using algorithms that make the concepts easy to grasp and retain.

Benefits of ACLS certification

In emergencies, ACLS training will prove to be important to any healthcare worker, as it boosts his/her chances of saving lives. ACLS recertification will help improve your skills in patient management, as you maintain patients’ neurological and cardiological functions during a medical emergency. These actions translate to reduced mortality and disability rates in patients with neurological and heart conditions. ACLS certification is mandatory for all individuals who work in most healthcare organizations.

Who needs ACLS certification?

All qualified medical professionals, including paramedics, nurses, and doctors, should consider enrolling in a free online ACLS certification class. The work of these professionals is likely to, at some point, involve intubation of, or administration of drugs to, a patient with a cardiac, respiratory, or neurologic emergency. Unlike BLS certification — that also caters to first responders, such as teachers and firefighters — ACLS certification requires that candidates already be familiar with certain medical basics, such as the ability to read ECGs or to administer medications. ACLS certification courses are therefore not open to laypersons.

Start your free ACLS Certification online today

Now that you know what ACLS training entails, the next step is to identify the best online platform for your training. There is currently no platform offering a free online ACLS course that has surpassed the quality of medtigo Connect. Our platform also links you with well-paying work opportunities, as well as mentorship from some of the best in the healthcare industry. Moreover, you can access other online courses, such as POCUS (point of care ultrasound) and PALS (pediatric advanced life support) on medtigo Connect.

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