What to look for in a locum tenens organization

Nowadays, more than 40,000 physicians and practitioners work locum tenens jobs, and many utilize locum tenens agencies to find these jobs. There is a wide range of locum tenens organizations out there, and it is important to work with a reputable one, as they have such a significant role in your short- and possibly long term future. Whether you are newly searching for locum tenens positions or transitioning to a different agency, here are some characteristics you should look for in a locum tenens organization.   

  1. National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) membership 

NALTO enforces a high set of professional standards and expectations for competency and integrity of all parties involved in the organization, including physicians and clients. It would be best to look for locum tenens agencies that are members of NALTO, as this indicates that the agency is in solid professional standing.  

  1. Not letting the candidate pay 

As the job candidate, you should not be paying for any services by the locum agency. The client seeking the physician/provider is responsible for all payment to the agency, so if the agency asks you to pay for anything, be wary.  

  1. Understands your specialty 

To best serve you, you should ask for a consultant who understands your specialty if you are a specialist. Different specialties may have different job processes, so your recruiter needs to be familiar with these nuances so they can match you to appropriate positions.   

  1. Takes care of details 

A high-quality agency will do more than find the right job for you. They will also help take care of credentialing, licensing, contract negotiations, and travel and housing accommodations. You want an agency that takes care of the extraneous details so that you can focus on the job.  

  1. Malpractice insurance 

Discuss malpractice coverage with your agency and what their policy is. Your agency should provide you some form of malpractice insurance. 

  1. Great communication 

A reputable agency will maintain excellent communication with you throughout the entire job search and application process. They should provide you with constant updates on the process and answer any questions that may arise. You should have no doubts that they are doing their best to find the most optimal match for you.  




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