Which clinical apps should you have on your smartphone?

Healthcare today is becoming increasingly virtual for patients and providers. As a practitioner, you may not always have easy access to a computer, but chances are you have your phone with you. Thus, it’s no surprise that the development of medical apps has grown exponentially in recent years and will likely continue to increase drastically. Here are some of the best clinical apps that you should have on your smartphone:

  • Epocrates

Epocrates is one of the most popular medical apps to find information about medications. Providers can quickly check for drug interactions, get dosing information, review treatment guidelines, and consult other colleagues. There is a paid version of the app that provides even more clinical support.

  • UpToDate

UpToDate is a comprehensive medical resource that covers thousands of disease states and diagnoses. It also provides detailed information about medications from the package inserts. As its name suggests, this resource is very up-to-date with the latest disease updates and new medications and always includes primary literature sources for all of its topics. Of note, there is a fee to subscribe to the app.

  • Medscape

Medscape is another popular reference used for getting medical information at the point of care. The app has news alerts, a drug database, treatment guidelines, and a health directory. One advantage of Medscape compared to other apps is that it is free.


PEPID is a very convenient app for making diagnoses as it allows the user to enter symptoms and lab findings to obtain a list of potential diagnoses. It also has helpful diagrams and a very extensive drug database. Another beneficial aspect is that the app gives providers access to CME credits.

  • Visual Dx

Visual Dx is another useful tool for making diagnoses. It is unique because it is a repository of thousands of digital images for various diagnoses in all types of patients. It covers many specialties and has helped improve diagnostics accuracy around the world.

  • Kareo Billing

While Kareo is not a medical reference app like the others listed above, it is handy as a medical billing app. Kareo streamlines the billing and insurance process for private practices and allows providers to schedule appointments for patients. There is a monthly fee to use Kareo Billing.


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