Why Does Credentialing Cost So Much And Take So Long?

medtigo Connect is one of today’s leading providers of FREE medical training and certification tracking & credentialing services in the medical sector.  We know how arduous the hospital credentialing process can be. That’s why we’ve collected some important information about how to streamline the process, as well as help medical professionals receive their licensing and credentials more quickly.

Why Does Medical Credentialing Cost So Much?

For medical providers, it can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars in training for the different certifications and thousands of dollars in lost income if they don’t get their certificates on time.  Hospitals struggle to hire healthcare providers that can offer specialized services that are needed for their patients and then get penalized when it comes to the slow staffing and credentialing process. Indeed, overall, the entire medical sector losses billions each year on administrative costs due to a slow medical credentialing process.

Why Does Medical Credentialing Take So Long?

Upon hiring, it often takes a while for the individual to begin working due to the credentialing process, which can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. The process is extremely time-consuming, as facility administrators need to track down a multitude of information, such as:

  • Reviewing claims and collecting board history
  • Performing a background check
  • Researching clinical reputation and case histories and verifying credentials
  • Verifying information with various medical associations and medical boards and reviewing a candidate’s education history
  • & much more

Why Choose medtigo Staffing

At medtigo Staffing, we help you avoid all of the money lost by not having your hires start on time by streamlining the hospital credentialing process and enabling medical professional teams to work quickly across the board. Our credentialing assistant has a comprehensive process plus online certifications and certification tracking technology that allows medical providers to speed up the credentialing process and offer secure cloud-storage, expiration notifications, online notary, and more.

medtigo Staffing also works with physicians to obtain the licensing and credentials that they need quickly by offering a range of training and certification courses, such as our BLS course, our PALS training, and more.

To learn more about how we can help you grow, contact medtigo Staffing today online or call (413) 398-5736.

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