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Why medtigo?

At medtigo, we strive to develop meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers and with hospitals and clinics across the country. Our organization is dedicated to increasing accountability, trust, and efficiency in the staffing fulfillment process, while complying with nationally recognized standards and best practices. Our organization aims to provide a high level of service so our clients and providers can focus on the practice and administration of medicine and stop worrying about filling the schedule.

  • Integrity
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Education
  • Organization and time savings
  • Personal and professional development
  • Fair Reimbursement

Welcome to medtigo

medtigo is an ecosystem focused on providing opportunities and services for healthcare professionals. The three branches of medtigo offer everything you are looking for to support your professional needs and find a gratifying work-life balance while excelling in your professional career and pursuing your creative interests.

We plan to expand the types of services offered including providing permanent placements of healthcare staff to clients, particularly in non-New England locations, and the number of medical specialties.

Dependable service

Consistent and dependable staffing by making sure we credential enough providers to fill our own gaps and taking 100% ownership of our shifts.


We work as a partner with our clients and providers, valuing transparency so no one feels that they are being taken advantage of and you are kept in the loop in every way.

Think big

It is important to us to think outside the box. Whether this be for staffing solutions or new business ideas, innovation is key to our success.

Emphasize teamwork

From completing charts to joining in unit camaraderie, medtigo providers work closely with nursing, scribes, ancillary staff, and other physicians.

Strive for excellence

Over 160 physicians and APPs providing excellent care at over 42 facilities across the Northeast in several recognized medical specialties.

Local Organization

A leading strategic clinical staffing firm located in the Northeast providing friendly physicians, and a focus on building relationships.

Our culture

Our core values define our culture. They provide the operational framework that guides us in our goal of building a thriving ecosystem which can meet the needs of healthcare providers and healthcare institutions across the country. Whether you are a healthcare provider seeking new work opportunities or a hospital with gaps in staffing, we can help you. We value our relationships with those we work with and promise to understand and help achieve their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.. We are grateful for the culture that we have built in our organization and know that it is key to our ability to maintain the consistently outstanding level of service that we are known for.

What we offer

We have a deep bench of qualified and emotionally aware physicians and advanced-practice providers across a variety of specialties who we can offer for temporary staffing requirements and permanent placements to healthcare institutions across the country. Concat to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you meet your staffing needs.


We help fill persistent staffing gaps or meet surge demand during peak times.


We quickly adapt to your system to meet quality and patient satisfaction goals.

Critical Care

Our physicians love to work with critical care teams or help build one from scratch.


We provide everything that you need from pain management to anesthesia care.

Urgent Care

Urgent care physicians run flexible schedules to ensure you and your family is well cared for.


We assist hospitals expand their capacity through innovative technology-based services.


Covering areas of computed tomography, ultrasonography, mammography and  MRI.


Our highly skilled and trained psychiatrists will be a great addition to your departments in need.

Watch us grow

Our success defining stats convey our irrevocable commitment towards serving you and making your life easier. We strive to make these numbers grow,every day, to become America’s number one ecosystem to empower medical personals.
doctors and APP's
hours worked
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  • While being short-staffed is never a good feeling, working with Medtigo has been a wonderful experience. They are high quality, responsive and flexible team. The simplicity and transparency of the logistics are a breath of fresh air. I would recommend them to anyone seeking locums help.

    Khama Ennis, MD, MPH
    Chief of Emergency Medicine Cooley Dickinson Hospital Northampton, MA
  • Medtigo offers highly skilled staffing with great quality oversight. As Chief of our department, I have not only been impressed how seamlessly their physicians work in all of our locations but also with how flexible they are with scheduling. Our physicians and staff feel comfortable working with them and feel like they are a member of the team.

    Mark Winther, MD
    Chief of Emergency and Trauma Services Bassett Health Network, Cooperstown, NY
  • High quality, extremely professional, and absolutely responsive to my ER’s needs. My staff, to a person, we all impressed with the Medtigo docs, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any emergency.

    Chris DeFazio, MD
    Medical Director Melrose Wakefield Hospital Melrose, MA
  • Medtigo delivers high caliber physicians who are reliable, professional and efficient. I have found them to be well-trained and also well-liked by patients, administration and staff. We have never encountered such consistency with a locums agency before. They stay up to date on our operations and are able to roll with periodic changes. Medtigo has been responsive and helpful whenever concerns or unexpected situations arise. I would definitely recommend Medtigo.

    Peter Fishman, MD
    Associate Medical Director Berkshire Medical Center Pittsfield, MA
  • When our ED needed help and I used the “usual locums companies” I was underwhelmed with the quality of providers. After speaking with Meditgo, I was surprised that the rates were no different. While I have always worried about who will walk through the doors when I employ locums, I have no worries with Medtigo.

    Alec Belman, MD
    Former Chief of Emergency Medicine Fairview Hospital Great Barrington, MA

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