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How to find job openings as locum tenens?

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Locum Tenens jobs are becoming very common due to the fast-generating world. Popular job boards like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Locumpedia are some of the sites that can help you find suitable jobs. Now Consider this situation: You’ve finally decided to try out for a locum tenens employment, but you’re not sure how it works or how long it will take to have your credentials. Below are eight simple steps to help make finding jobs as a Locum Tenens easier.  

Step 1: Contact a locum tenens agency. 

You might begin by looking for a locum tenens staffing agency on Indeed or hearing about one from a coworker. You can then apply for a job on the agency’s website, contact them through email or phone, or even walk in to meet with a recruiter. medtigo can also help you with placement within any organization requiring Locum Tenens.  

Step 2: Communicate your needs with the recruiter  

The recruiter’s questions are intended to help them understand your circumstances. Some questions include: Do you wish to boost your income by working as locum tenens even if you already have a full-time job? Do you want to work full-time as a locum tenens physician but are currently unemployed? The recruiter will better understand your schedule and preferences before making any promises. Your goal might not be to work on a long-term contract, whereas some people can only work a few days per week or offer weekend call coverage.  

Step 3: Consult with a recruiter about the different job kinds and locations accessible to you. 

From northeastern Maine to southern California, rural and urban environments, inpatient and outpatient institutions, and career opportunities are available. While your recruiter ensures that your skills are a good fit for the position, you still have some say over where and how long you work.  

Step 4: Commit to an assignment. 

After you and your recruiter have shortlisted the pool of potential employers, they will showcase your talents, expertise, and availability to the organizations that have been chosen via a resume, cover letter, and other marketing collateral. Your recruiter will emphasize that you have a license in that state and different abilities that might be useful to the organization. If you are given the position, your recruiter will go through the details and assist you in getting the relevant licenses and qualifications.   

Step 5: Submit your application 


If it is your first time applying for a locum tenens job, you must complete a comprehensive online application including your schooling, work history, and credentials. This application can take up to four hours to complete, so if you’ve already been chosen for a position, you should gather the required information (such as your career history, references, and credentials) as soon as possible. The sooner it is submitted, the faster the licensing and credentialing processes will be.  

Step 6: Assist your agency with your credentials 

Before agreeing to pay for your malpractice insurance, your locum tenens staffing agency will examine your qualifications to ensure you fulfill the standards to practice medicine in your specialty. Credentials are usually obtained in around 30 days. If the employment start date is sooner, you’ll need to respond fast to queries and offer references to the recruiting business.  

Step 7- Wait for the hospital privileges to go through. 

If you need privileges at the hospital to complete your job, the agency will submit the papers on your behalf. For your convenience, the hospital privileges team will pre-fill the application with information from your agency application. It will query how the institution can assist by contacting references or filling out specific documentation. Many organizations are eager to collaborate with a staffing agency to gain the productivity benefits it provides.  

Step 8 -Know your travel and housing details.  

While on assignment, your firm usually pays for your hotel, transportation (airfare, rental car, or mileage for your vehicle), and meals. As a general guideline, if your project will take more than a month, you should consider renting an apartment. Your staffing agency will provide you with a selection of transportation and hotel alternatives to ensure that you are comfortable throughout this period of your job (if available in the location where you will be working). 

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