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medtigo BLS


medtigo has developed our own BLS course for our Connect members to utilize for free. Our BLS course has been audited by top cardiologists.

Audited by medical professionals

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medtigo BLS

Basic Life Support (BLS) involves caring for an injured person or someone with a life-threatening illness until they arrive at a hospital for full medical care. A BLS renewal course and initial training is available for medical personnel as well as pre-hospital medical care providers like firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs. The training is also open to all people who wish to get the basics of cardiovascular life support skills and CPR.

A BLS course helps the participants to recognize and handle different life-threatening emergencies, use an AED appropriately, and give quality chest compressions. These steps keep blood flowing until a patient is in a hospital setting. In doing so, they boost the survival rates of patients who experience cardiac and neurologic emergencies.

Here is some information to give you further insight and understanding of the BLS training.

What does the course cover?

The following are the primary topics you will cover when taking the BLS course:

  • Performance of high-quality CPR for children, infants, and adults
  • The chain of survival, more so its BLS components
  • The importance of the early use of an AED
  • How to perform effective ventilation when using a bag-valve-mask and barrier device
  • The benefits and individual roles on teams for multi-rescuer resuscitations
  • Opioid emergencies
  • Successful resuscitation of choking in infants and adults.

Benefits of BLS training

Since BLS training is often offered separately, some might wonder what it entails and the advantages it brings. Here are some benefits of BLS training:

  • Increased confidence in handling emergencies, especially for those in the healthcare sector
  • You are always prepared to handle an emergency irrespective of the place and devices at hand
  • Increases your appeal to potential employers

Free BLS Certification with medtigo

There are several institutions now offering BLS training in online classes and blended learning which includes an online lesson followed by hands-on training. Even so, not all of them will suffice. One of your best options for BLS courses online is medtigo Connect. Our course from medtigo Connect is comparable in quality to the top national training courses and is free as well. You can retake the quiz as many times as you need for you to get the pass you deserve. Sign up with us today to get all the benefits of BLS certification online for free.



  • medtigo’s PALS/ACLS courses are convenient, available, and completely free. I would highly recommend utilizing both of these great services.

    Samuel Leger, PA
    Emergency Medicine
  • I enjoy working for medtigo because of the support I have from my coworkers and bosses. Teamwork is the expectation and reality when you work for medtigo. In the midst of a stretch of “black out cloud shifts” and Murphy’s Law colliding, I called my boss and administrative assistant because of concerns regarding my impending return to work. My boss, administrative assistant, and another medtigo colleagues all collaborated to help give me some recovery time to return to work more refreshed. I am grateful to work for a company that takes both my welfare and patient safety so seriously.

    Laura Harrison, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • I have been working in Emergency Medicine for 27 years. For most of my career, I have worked in small, democratic, independent groups, which has been very rewarding. For the past three years, I have been working as a locum tenens doctor for medtigo and these have been the best three years of my career. I have enjoyed working at multiple different ED’s, which have been very welcoming and appreciative of my work. Best of all, I have been compensated at a much higher level than in the past. The medtigo administrative staff has been great in helping me create a flexible schedule that works for me and with all the steps needed to get credentialed at the various hospitals.

    Domenick Sciaruto, MD
    Internal Medicine

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